"Lunch Stat goals remain the same as always;  never compromise on quality, from food and service to presentation and reliability."

Lunch Stat was the vision of Susan Ridgway.  A majority of her professional career was in the pharmaceutical industry.  Susan spent years waiting in take-out lines, finding herself at the mercy of limited menus, locked in pricing, and the prospect of delivering heavy, unwieldy, leaky food. 

    She was spending her mornings working as a caterer.  Talking with her counterparts and hearing the same stories as her own, Susan saw the opportunity to serve a niche market.  When Susan retired from being a 20 year veteran sales representative for Pfizer, she invested into the entrepreneurial venture of Business Catering.  Starting out in the kitchen of her church, Susan began by catering sales lunches and breakfasts, delivering and setting up for her friends who were still in the profession.  Word spread very quickly by recommendation based on the excellent food and unprecedented service.  After one fast paced year, Susan quickly outgrew the church kitchen.  She moved her thriving business to 3737 Cleveland Ave NW where she established a state-of-the-art kitchen.  Susan employed an accomplished chef, kitchen aids, and a fleet of courteous, dependable drivers.  Then, in addition to breakfast and lunch, Lunch Stat started expertly catering baby showers, wedding showers, graduation parties, holiday parties and weddings. 

    January 1, 2007, Toni Altimore stepped into Susan’s shoes.  Toni is now responsible for day-to-day operations of Lunch Stat.  This includes scheduling, planning and staffing all events, developing the menu, implementing marketing plans, managing all employees, and maintaining financial records.  For the previous 15 years, Toni was a Dining District Manger for a major foodservice company.  Her entire career had been in northeast Ohio, expertly caring for high profile accounts such as The Hoover Company, Whirlpool, Rubbermaid, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame to name a few.  Toni truly enjoyed developing the professional relationships necessary to meet customer satisfaction at every level.

    Lunch Stat goals remain the same as always;  never compromise on quality, from food and service to presentation and reliability. As always, Lunch Stat will continue to grow.  Based on Toni’s vast experience in catering and business management, Lunch Stat is poised to achieve higher goals than ever before.