"Lunch Stat is the brand of catering services offering convenient, reliable delivery of delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and refreshments for business meetings and gatherings at local corporations and institutions."

The main goal of Lunch Stat is customer satisfaction by providing the best food at a reasonable price that is delivered in a professional manner to our customer’s business meal meeting:  Breakfast, Lunch or Break Time refreshment. Lunch Stat customers enjoy the convenience and reliability and are attracted to the unique quality that cannot be found through typical take-out restaurants. Lunch Stat's years of accumulated experience serving business professionals led to the development of a menu for small events such as sales presentations and board, departmental or staff meetings. 

These events can be breakfast, lunches, dinners or meeting refreshments.  Our focus at Lunch Stat is quality of food and exceptional service at a price that stays within your budget.  The convenience we offer is second to none.  The flexible nature of Lunch Stat's menus and event preparation allows our customers to have input in a way that larger, more established caterers and restaurants do not.  We pride ourselves on flexibility, from the size of your event to our large delivery area to last minute menu choices.